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August 22, 2012

A few weeks ago, I bought myself a 6 pack of large mason jars for my abode - well, my kitchen to be exact. I use them my flour, sugar, rice, etc. I really didn't like how plain they were, so I decided to go to my #1 place for inspiration, Pinterest!  I became so inspired by all of the mason jar diy's posted and I saw a pin on various things to do with yarn. Eventually, I put two and two together...voila! Mason jars covered in yarn. As you can see, I've chosen coral colored yarn because it's one of my favorite colors :)! I have also chosen Elmer's Craft Bond: All Purpose Glue. This glue works perfectly fine, though it does have it's pros and cons. A con with would be that it takes too long to dry. A pro would be that it dries clear, thank goodness!
What you'll need:
  • Medium-Large Mason Jars
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun (I've found that hot glue gun works best)
  • Yarn
  • TONS of patience
All supplies can be bought at Walmart or any arts and crafts store.
Helpful Tips:
-Gluing the bottom is the hardest, and most time consuming, part of this whole project. Make sure not to glue the yarn to the very bottom, but to the corners of the jar. That way your yarn won't dry and make your jar end up wobbly. Also make sure that your glue spot is dry before you continue finishing the bottom.
 -Craft glue: Don't wait til the glue dries before you start another row of yarn. It will all eventually dry together.
-Craft glue: Try not to use too much glue. If you do, it will take longer to dry.
-Hot glue gun: Glue only four spots on the jar for each row. Since hot glue dries faster, you won't need as much for this project. Just try not to burn your fingers in the process!
Notice how I only went up a little less than halfway with the yarn. I did this because I didn't want to take a way the simpleness of the mason jar itself, but wanted to add a little unique flare. At the end, I cut the yarn off, glued it down, and added a bow just to cover up where the yarn ended! I am now finishing the rest of my jars. When I'm done, I will put pictures up :)

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