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January 26, 2013

Haven't blogged in awhile. There's so much going on that it's hard to remember to do certain things - such as this. Though, I have been reading and catching up on the blogs I do love. I love Whitney's blog (one of the few I read religiously) and got a little inspired by her 'Facts of Me' posts. So, I have decided to share a few facts about myself as well!

One: Since I was a kid, I was always made fun of because my name was Adele. Kids would always say that I was named after a Dell computer, but in return, I always said that the computer company was named after me! Nowadays, I am compared to the singer, but hey - that's a lot better than a computer.

We recently got our first pooch from the Humane Society, Annie! She looks like a pitbull, but she's actually a bulldog and labrador mix. I've never had a dog before, so this is definitely a learning experience.

Three: I have been a graphic/web designer since the age of 10. I eventually majored in graphic design but soon realized that I was learning to design just adverts and was not satisfied with it. Now, I'm looking to major in Photography.

Four: Alaska is the place I call home. This is the one place that I've lived the least, but it was love at first site. My husband and I plan on moving up there after he retires from the Military.

Five: I have three tattoos. All have special meanings to them. My first one was a cross, my second was a matching Okinawa tattoo with a few best friends from high school, and my third was my anchor for my husband.

Six: I absolutely love reality tv! I honestly can't live without it. (As sad as that is) My top 3 favorite shows would be Duck Dynasty, The Last Frontier: Alaska, and Face Off/Inkmaster.

Seven: I love to eat. Mostly bread, cereal, and hamburgers. Hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburgers. Fresh bread is one of the best things I have ever tasted! My cereal addictions right now are Honeycomb and Cap'n Crunch.

Eight: I surprisingly have lived in Arizona for 8 years. I honestly hated every minute of it and am glad to be living in Southern California. Since living here, I've fallen in love with the coast and I never wanna leave!

Nine: I am OBSESSED with DIY projects! I have such a long list of things I want need to do. (So far) I've only finished about an 1/8th of my list. I hope to finish half of this never ending list by the year 2015.

Ten: I do consider myself somewhat of an artist and computer. I've been doing stuff with art and computers since I was very young. Even though I am a self taught artist, I do try to be very well rounded, as in paint, draw, photoshop, photography, etc.

Btw, yes, my Instagram is gone. Sorry -

Share some facts about yourself!


  1. I enjoyed reading your facts, I also love junk food and I'd like to live in Southern California too! L.A. would be perfect :) (I know one day I'll be living there! haha)

    Kisses, lovely blog (:

    Mónica <3

  2. I love these kind of posts


  3. cap'n crunch though.

    I know we're following each other on tumblaaa, and the funny posts you reblog make me laugh out loud. I think our sense of humor is very similar haha. I have always wanted to say HI, soo...HIII ! :P



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