Diana | Maternity Session

March 15, 2013

This gorgeous woman's name is Diana. She is about to be a mother of two; one boy, and now a baby girl. We met on Saturday afternoon at Mariner's Point/Mission Bay Park. It was a bit of a cloudy day, with a smidge of sun. We climbed on rocks, sprawled our limbs across the sand, and stood in the ice cold ocean water. We were definitely bit adventurous! Both of us were extremely involved in this session.  

I am now in love with doing maternity sessions. They are sooo fun! And I'm glad this turned out as good as it did, seeing as how this was my first maternity session since college (which was a few years ago), I believe these photos came out pretty well :)

Also, excuse my editing on these photos. Tips for photographers: always make sure that you have the correct settings on your camera before you start shooting and DEFINITELY make sure that your ISO is not too high. Lesson learned. 

Also #2! I finally have a new website host, so expect a new site + pictures soon!!

Diana - Mariner's Point - San Diego, CA


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