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April 3, 2013

2013 has been flying by faster than I ever thought it would. I have so much to blog that I create a post, save as a draft, and oddly forget about it. Well, first things first, my best friend since eighth grade recently came to visit me in sunny San Diego from cold wintery Colorado. We had a lot of fun baking, cooking, and doing absolutely nothing - as per usual. And on her last day, we rode on down to La Jolla Cove, which is on 25 free things to do in San Diego. None of us have ever been there before, so it was quite an amazing sight to see.

There were birds flying everywhere, sea lions barking and swimming, and even squirrels running around the flower bushers. The weather was so perfect! Possibly the best thing about living in Southern California - the weather. Almost perfect all the time. Honestly, the best weather I have ever experienced in my military brat life. And the water in La Jolla, warmest ocean water I've felt in California. This is definitely mine and my husband's new favorite place.

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  1. Such beautiful photos, I always love greyscale/black and white photographs,something about them. Thank you for the lovely comment :-)


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