November 4, 2013

Healing may not come quickly, but it will come.”

Seems as if time has started to slow down. Each day goes by slower and slower, yet thankfully, we grow with excitement more and more with each passing day. I use the quote above frequently because it has been a hard, long road for us. These six months have been so unbelievable. This little child still manages to, and most likely always will, take our breath away.

How Far Along:  25 weeks
Gender: Baby girl
Size Of Baby: Almost 2lbs with the length of
Weight Gain: An average amount
Sleep: Getting a lot more of it than I used to
Movement: Lots of baby kicks!
Cravings: Cap'n Crunch
Wedding Ring on or off: On :)
What I Miss: Sleeping without being in pain
What I am Looking Forward to: Moving into our new home
Nursery: Non-existent at the moment
Maternity clothes?: Just maternity jeans. I do love my jeans!

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