5 Things That Changed After Becoming A Mom

July 14, 2014

When you are en route to becoming a mother, you have all these ideas and aspirations on how you will raise your child and what your child will eat and what your child will wear. After having your child, all the things you have once thought about vanish because you can't do one thing or another. Then you end up on a different path than what you anticipated. But what are you to do? I have been inspired by this post. I agreed with most of it, and some, I have not dealt with yet, so I have decided to make a list of my own.

1. I will never feed my baby formula // Sadly, I was never able to produce enough breast milk to suite her needs. And when I finally could, she ate more than I could make. I understand every woman wants to breast feed their children, but sometimes, it's not always possible. Switching to formula was hard for me because I felt as though I was not being a good mother - as if I was not providing like I should. Took some time (and a wonderful conversation with my doctor who was only able to breastfeed 2 out of her 4 children), but I did eventually get over this bump in the road and did some major research on breast feeding. So when our next child comes around, I will be ready and hopefully be able to breast feed full time.

2. I will always be a stay at home mom // Plans change 24/7 and some things you just can't help. When times are tough, and you've exhausted all your options, sometimes getting a quick part time job will have to do. I understand wanting to be home with your children and not trusting others to watch them, but in the end, it's what is best for your children. If it benefits them greatly, then that's what's most important of all.

3. I will sleep when she sleeps // As Lynzy stated, sleeping when they sleep is nearly impossible. You always hear whimpers or coo's while they snooze. Or they'll take very short naps and wake up crying/screaming, and well, there goes your nap too. What worked best for me when I was in desperate need of sleep is I would ask my husband to watch her for an hour or two so I could nap or relax. That way, I had my time alone (which every mom needs) and he had his time with his child.

4. I will make my own baby food // Let's be honest, you can't make everything that your child eats. Yes, you can make a majority of it, but sometimes buying little snacks or jars of food on the go is just easier. Especially now that my daughter has started eating actual food, I now understand the easy way to do things and the not hard but "lengthy" way to do things. I puree sometimes and put them in the freezer, but some days, I just buy what I need and let her go to town with it. It's tough, but remember, you can always buy organic baby foods. May be a bit pricier, but it is a little bit better than regular jars of baby food.

5. Once the baby comes, we won't be able to do much of anything // This was something my husband and I thought of so much, that we ended up splurging on enjoyment every weekend before our daughter arrived. Turns out, we were able to do just as much after she entered the world, if not more. It's a little more difficult at times, and our time doing whatever activity is limited, but it's definitely worth it. To show my daughter such amazing places/things (even if she doesn't understand it much) is very important to us. Especially since we are a military family, we want her (and all our children) to see the world as much as we did.

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  1. Love this.
    SO funny that your points resonate so well with me.
    HA, we'll see where I am in four months, eh?


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