Flashback Friday: Photography - Where I'm at now

August 29, 2014

Lately, I have been looking back on all the photo sessions that I have done over the years; some photos I cringed at. Not because they weren't "good", but dang, were they edited really really badly. Then I end up having those moments where I completely re-edit a photo over and over and over again until it's perfect. Now that I somewhat know what I am doing with a camera and an editing program, I've decided to do some comparisons between then and now. I was a bit nervous at first to share these photos, but now that I've re-written this post and reloaded these photos about a million times, I am now ready to share my journey with you all.

2011 Maternity Session
2014 Maternity Session
2011 (My) Family Session
2013 Family Session
2013 Children Session
2014 (My daughter) Children Session
Like a silly goober, it took me awhile to realize many things. Such as: I may be good at using Photoshop (and am totally loyal to it), but I don't have to use it for editing every single photo. After about five years of being behind the camera, I've finally given into using Lightroom. And golllllly, I keep wondering why I didn't use this program sooner! My workflow is ten times faster/easier. What used to take me two weeks to do now only takes me about two days. Also, learning from professionals is a wonderful thing. Your mentors can teach about everything you'd like to know. Jennifer of Jennifer Demo Photography let me shadow one of her weddings. I learned so much that it prepared me for my very first wedding that I shot one month later.

Some things I've also learned to love:
- Natural light can, will, and definitely forever and always be your best friend.
- Photoshop won't be mad if you use Lightroom.
- Don't be so nervous and just have fun with your sessions!
- Don't be afraid to try new camera techniques with clients. You always end up with crazy amazing photos afterwards.
- Experimenting on yourself (self portraits) is always a great way to learn about lighting, metering, framing, backgrounds, etc.
2013 Couples Session
2014 Couples Session
2014 Couples Session
2011 Self Portrait
2013 Self Portrait
Seeing all that I've photographed, I've noticed that I've come a lllllllong way in the photography world. Sometimes I wish I would've edited a photo differently or cropped it better, but in the end, I am very proud of myself and the work that I put out. This is ultimately what I love to do and I wish/can't wait to do this for the rest of my life. I still have a lot to work on, but there is always room to grow.

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  1. Adele, I love your photography!!
    You should totally come shoot my family some day [;


    1. One day! Your little family is adorable <3!

  2. Very beautiful photos! You are very talented


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