Weekly Wishes - Goals: August

August 4, 2014

Have I achieved my goals from last month or the month before? Of course not! I've been so preoccupied by work, my daughter, and just life itself. My problem is that I am so busy not living, that I've gotten extremely comfortable in my mediocre life. I try having small goals every month to achieve. Because like the tagline says, "For people who like to get sh*t done".

Create // I am now in the process of trying to rebrand my business. Though, it will take awhile to get it up and running again. I would love to open up my Etsy store again and revamp my website. BUT for now, only one thing can happen at a time!

Cook // I love to cook! Trying to recipes excites my taste buds. Growing up with a Filipino mother, we always ate Filipino food because she did not know how to cook anything but. So, after a few years of being married, my husband and I have both agreed that while Filipino food is probably the yummiest food alive, it's time to spice it up a notch! I browse Pinterst like it's nobody's business to find recipes upon recipes. I have tried quite a few, but never anything that just wow'd us. If you have any recipes that you love, please let me know!

Photography // I love photography but it's been hard to get back into since my daughter was born. And lately, I've realized that my daughter and my husband can't be my models forever. So, I've decided to put my business on hold and start working on my craft/portfolio. I have been wanting to try new techniques for the longest time, and I'm glad I now have the time to do so. In my last post, I photographed a beautiful sunset maternity session. Currently, I am looking for a family to do a session with.   

Organize // Since moving into this new house, clutter just tends to appear out of thin air. Lately, we have been rearranging, cleaning, re-decorating, etc and we have developed a heavy amount of clutter. I really want to get our home organized to a T so that we can always find something in the right place when we need it. 

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