Six Months | Kids Session

September 19, 2014

Happy six months to baby Z! 

Baby Z is our friends' son. He's a cute and fluffy little thang of chocolate! These photos were extremely last minute (and done in my yard), but at the same time, extremely fun. We had such a hard time trying to get him to smile. Z was so focused on the cars driving by and the grass in front of him. One of the way we got him to smile was to have his best friend (my daughter) join him at his side. Took awhile for them to realize they were next to each other, then the smiles started coming and didn't stop!

I love these photos. He is super photogenic! And we have officially decided that since our little ones will grow up together, we will have one photoshoot a month with them together and seperate. We'll then put it in an album for them so they can look back on it and see how much they've grown.

Guys, babies are the best.

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