November 10, 2014

In honor of the 239th birthday of the Marine Corps and Veterans Day, I have decided to post this story on my blog. I've shared it elsewhere, and now I'm finally posting it here. It's one of those extremely precious moments to us that we will never ever forget.

This is a picture of my husband, Joshua, and his grandfather hugging at my husband's bootcamp graduation. His grandfather is a retired Marine and Vietnam veteran.

In 2010, Joshua's grandfather gave him his Marine Corps Veteran ring which ended up kick starting Joshua's journey to becoming a US Marine. After climbing the reaper in his last week of boot camp, Joshua received his eagle, globe, and anchor pin - meaning, he is now officially a US Marine.

On Joshua's graduation day, after the ceremony, Joshua found his grandpa in the crowd and walked up to him with a huge grin on his face. He shook his grandpas hand and put his arms out for a hug. Joshua let go, took the EGA that he had earned and put it in his grandpas hand. He said to him,
"Your ring represented all the hard work you put in serving your country and to get where you're at now. This ring sparked my flame to become a Marine. Now, I'm giving you my EGA pin in replacement of the ring you had given me."

They started to hug again while tears rolled down their faces.

This was such an amazing time for my husband, and I am too proud of him. So happy for him and all of his accomplishments. We're all very excited to see where his military career takes him! And happy Veterans Day to all who have served and is serving now! Thank you for serving our country!

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