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November 18, 2014

On November 6, 2004, Claudia and Travis became one. Ten years later, here they are celebrating their ten year anniversary! They decided to have this special event at the Ranch House. Which coincidentally, around the same time last year, is where I did their family photos! We were not able to go inside of the chapel, but we were able to use the area around it. There are many places on Pendleton that are not fully open to the public unless it is booked for an event - and this was one of them.

This chapel is a lot more gorgeous than I could ever imagine! The inside is full of antiques, beautifully stained windows, large old doors, etc. There's just so much historical value! I was completely honored to photograph such an amazing moment in such an amazing place. The ceremony was beautiful. My heart was touched and the words the priest had spoken brought me to tears. So much love and faith in one room, impeccable! I am so very happy for these two and their little ones.

 Congrats to them for reaching such a milestone!


  1. Could this day have been any more beautiful!?
    You impress me more and more each time you post something new.
    Here I'm trying to put you "in a box", and define your niche - but holy hell, you do it all!

  2. Love it Adele! I wish you could come and take family pics for me! <3


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