December 31, 2014

As we bring in the New Year, the husband and I reminisce on our year as a family. As I scrolled through my (thousands of) photos of Delilah on my computer, my eyes well up. Just thinking about how eleven months ago, this crazy fun girl was in my belly kicking and punching. Then a month later, I go into labor at 3am and she pops out seven hours later. Greatest and most emotional day of not just mine, but both of our lives. 

Being a first time parent is hard. Then again, it was never supposed to be easy. But having Joshua be the father of my child made being a mother a little easier. He would take care of her so I could take care of myself. Shower, eat, sleep, repeat. When I was frustrated, he would be there to calm me. And when I didn't know what to do anymore, he'd help me find a solution. He was and still is there for me and the best father/husband he could ever be. Delilah thinks so too. Daddy is her favorite person on earth, no doubt about it. He was the first person she smiled at and he is always the last person she gives kisses to at night before bed.

Having had so many problems conceiving a few years prior definitely made us want a child even more. And in 35 days, our little Delilah Linda will be one. One fricking years old. I'm not ready. Like, I will have a toddler in such a short time. Kids grow up too fast, and I realize how fast time flies when I look back on photos and see my daughter at one day old. Sadly, I'm just not ready for the year to end. It has been sooooo good to us and 2015 will be so unfamiliar - I won't be sure how to act. Joshua will be with us on and off for the next year, Delilah turns one, I start pulling my hair out because I'll be raising a toddler alone, etc. (just kind of kidding about that last part) I do realize that all this unfamiliar territory helps us grow as a family, as people, as parents, and adults. Just feeling extra anxious about how 2015 will be. We will get through it like we do every year and I will make sure we enjoy it!

I know I don't blog enough. I'm so focused on life and trying to live it to its fullest, that I forget to write all my memories down. So hopefully next year, I will post a whole lot more. Here's to that!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

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  1. Yay! I'm excited to read your posts!
    And I totally feel you, that first year flies by so fast...very bittersweet.

    And she is darling. Oh my gosh, too much cuteness.



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