February 6, 2015

Posted two days late, eek!

It has been one short, yet amazing, road to twelve months. I can't even believe that you're one. That my little girl is all grown up! My world is nothing without you and I'm glad I've been blessed with such an amazing little girl.

You were born at 9:37am at 7lbs 15oz. They put you on my chest as soon as you came out, and oh my oh my, I could not contain myself. I grabbed you, I hugged you, I cried and I cried. After you got washed and bundled up, I held you in my arms. I looked you over about a million times before I decided that I never ever wanted to let go. You were so tiny! You had itty bitty hands and feet. Your little face resembled that of your father's. Minus your button nose and chinky Asian eyes (that you inherited from your grandmother, of course). It was a dream come true for us. The most beautiful baby in the world was ours.

I always find it hard to put my feelings into words. I'm not as vulnerable as some. But when it comes to my daughter, I'm so full of happiness. That's all I can pretty much say without bursting into mom tears. All I really know is that my hearts beats for her, my love is never ending, and that's how it will always be.

My little miracle is all grown up. Happy birthday to my little girl!


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