A father, husband, & best friend

April 1, 2015

"The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself."

Joshua, my one and only. 

These past five years have been such a doozy. We met in our early teens and were able to see each other grow up. I've seen you grow from a boy to a wonderful, wonderful man. In the many years past, you've gone from a JROTC, yugio playing, video game addict teen to just a video game addict (haha, my lame attempt at a joke!). On a serious note, the way you have grown has inspired me so much. To see and feel the many stages, levels and pulses of a person is quite fantastic. You end up seeing the past, present, and future.

I love your sparkly green/brown eyes. I love your biggest grin. I laugh your psychotic crazy laugh. I love your odd sense of humor. I love your big heart that's full of love and forgiveness. I love your crazy personality. I love your attitude towards life and how hard you work for us. I love how great of a father you are and how much you make her smile. I love us as a family. I love us as a couple. I love you and only you.

You've been my best friend, my muse, my model (when I had no one else to take pictures of), and my hand to hold. Without you, I honestly have no clue where I'd be, who I'd be with, or how I ever could've lived. You, sir, have helped me grow as much as I helped you. Twas fate that we were meant  to be each others' future.

Above all, you are one of the sweetest/most amazing person I have ever met in my 22 years of existence. Your big heart has seeped into mine and made it almost as big as yours. I thank you for loving me and your child with all that you've got and then some. And though you might never read this, I'm still going to say that I am glad that I'm all yours. Forever and always.

Happy birthday, sweet thing.

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