Friday Introductions

April 3, 2015

I've gotten quite a few new followers, so I figure I'll re-introduce myself!

My name is Adele (aka mama dels aka Deli) and I'm from Alaska. For now, I live in sunny Southern California! I am married to the one and only Joshua, who just so happens to be a United States Marine. We have one wonderful child, Delilah, who just turned one this year. I am half Filipino and half Panamanian. My motto in life is, "No rice, no life".

I am handy dandy with Photoshop, coding, electronics, and a super cool dslr camera. I love all things gold and glitter. My house is slowly turning into a gold wonderland. I'm an extreme neat freak! I can't go a day without cleaning something in our home. Mascara is my favorite makeup product but only because it's basically the only thing I know how to apply. I've known my husband since high school, but we're far from high school sweet hearts. I love taking photos but I am no professional. I've lived in four different states and one other country. I have soooo much hair and some days it becomes hard to manage. So, I'm usually just sporting a messy bun 24/7 with the occasional straightened hair once in awhile. I am addicted to coffee! Sadly, the caffeine makes me tired and decaf just doesn't taste as good. Which kind of means that I'm pretty much tired all the time. I think I have a problem? I am slowly, but surely, finding my faith. I lost it for many years, but I am so glad to be finding my way back. I got my first tattoo when I was sixteen and my last at nineteen. My experience with my last tattoo was so bad, that I don't think I will be getting another for quite some time.

I don't take selfies because my face and/or hair never wants to cooperate. I have hundreds upon thousands or photos of my daughter. But what mom doesn't?! I started couponing within the last couple of months. I have to say, it's quite amazing! Like, I have no clue why I haven't started doing this before! My latest obsession is HGTV and my favorite show to watch would be Fixer Upper. The Gaines' are my #goals. I love singing but I can't sing to save my life. I also become really obnoxious when I do. Only to annoy my husband though! Pinterest is a life saver. Without it, I wouldn't know how to do pretty much anything and we would be eating the same meals every night. It also sparks my forever urge to craft. Gotta love pinning ❤️

Well, there's kind of a lot of stuff you now know about me, let's hear something about you!

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