Pinspiration: Delilah's Room

April 20, 2015

Delilah is now 14 months and her room is just not as I thought it'd be. I wanted her room to be a place of adventure and wonderment. Somewhere she could play comfortably and sleep comfortably. We slacked when it came to decorating before she was born, and afterwards, life took over and we were not able to decorate as we had planned. Now that she's a older, and we have more time, we've decided to finally start turning her plain ol' room into her very own sanctuary.

We didn't want regular "girly" colors, so we opted for turquoise and my newest favorite color, mint green. The two colors go perfectly together. We love it! I'm very into gold, so I felt like her room needed a splash of it somewhere. Either in large letters on the wall or on her crib sheet (pictured above). There is absolutely no storage in her room whatsoever. Having two side dressers or one large one that could double as a changing table sounds pretty perfect to me. Also, railing covers are something I've always wanted for her crib. When Delilah started teething, she decided that chewing on the railings was a great idea. Now, half of her crib has bite marks on it. This is a greaaaaat way of keeping that from happening and from her hurting her little baby teeth!

I have some similar decor pictured below. Most DIY projects that I've collected from Pinterest, and others I have bought from places like Target or Hobby Lobby. I have a wicker basket with the same colors that I snagged for $10.99 at Ross! STEAL! My newest project will be doing something simliar to the framed states. Really not sure which states and/or countries to use but I'm sure we'll figure it out.

{ Fruit Shelves - Lamb Chair - Framed States - Print - Banner - Metal Letter - Stuffed Animals }

I feel as though her room will forever be a work in progress. But hey, I'm totally okay with that. We're really wanting her to have an amazingly cozy room. We wish to do this for all of my children one day. We'll be patiently waiting for that time to come. And when it does, we'll be so excited!

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