Pinspiration: Little Style

May 22, 2015

I absolutely LOVE kids fashion. I may not have such a fancy sense of style, but my daughter + future children will/sure do! Kids clothes have gotten so chic within the past couple of years. Dressing our littles into such fashionable clothing has become the norm. And all us mamas have fallen in love with it!

For boys, I'm leaning more towards darker colors - blues, blacks, burgundy, purples. I also love colors out of the norm for said gender. I want my future son in dark colors mostly because my daughter is always wearing something bright. In other words, he'll definitely dress just like his daddy! Dark colors, flannels, converse, and all!

For girls, I love love love bright and vibrant colors! So far (and favorably), I have been dressing my daughter in all my favorite colors. I've been trying to stray away from mint, coral, yellow and turquoise buttttttt I just can't leave them alone! These colors aren't just my favorite colors, but all four amazingly work well with the tint in my daughters skin.

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  1. LOVE! I don't even have a kid and i love everything about kid's fashion!! (haha) I'm especially into boys clothes!! I feel like they have totally changed in the last few years <3 and now i'm excited for when i get the chance to dress a little guy in the cutest outfits!!

    1. I honestly can't wait for you guys to have kids! They'll be the absolute cutest. And they'll especially be dressed to the nines :)


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