Southern California Bucket List

May 13, 2015

Well California, it's been an amazing four years. Lots of rainy skies and sunny days. Sandy feet, great tans, and 60 degree water. For our first year of marriage to our first year with our daughter. This is the place where we grew into adults. It's pretty crazy to say that this is our last month here on the wonderful coast of California. With only a few weeks left, I have decided to start a short and sweet little bucket list of places and things I'd like to do before I leave. My husband and I realized that we had been to so many places, but we seemed to have missed quite a few things. Over the past month, we have been here, there, and everywhere. And right here, I place our to do list:

- The Flower Fields of Carlsbad                                                          - Potato Chip Rock
- Hodads                                                                                              - Slaters 50/50
- Perusing San Diego                                                                           - Beard Papas
- Coco's Ichibanya { one last time! }                                                   - Santa Monica Pier
La Jolla Village                                                                                 - Sea World
- Honey & Butter                                                                                  - Picnic By The Sea
- Three Sisters Falls                                                                              -Snowmonster
- Knott's Berry Farm                                                                             -Photos on the beach

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