So long, California!

June 1, 2015

All these wonderful photos were taken by Savery Photography

It's been a wonderfully stressful and amazing four years but now it's time to leave. For the longest, California has been the one place I've been wanting to live. I became ecstatic when I found out where we'd be stationed at. We had just a few weeks left, so I had started a bucket list of things that HAD to get done. One of them was to get photos done on the beach. Since we started and ended so many things here, we decided to have photos right where we started. Right on the lovely Oceanside Pier. These photos turned out so great! We are so glad we were able to get them done the weekend before we left. Because this place will definitely always have a place in our hearts.

Over the years, we drove all over Pacific Coast Hwy, ate tons of crazy yummy cuisine, spent hours upon hours sunbathing and soaking up the mighty cold Pacific. We absolutely LOVED living here in Southern California. It became so surreal that our time was ending so very quickly.  Our whole life started right here in the little city of Oceanside. And now, we're here. Mid-twenties, one child, and many years later. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and share our lives with so many wonderful people. We hope to meet many more wonderful people on the road to our next stop. Which just so happens to be the Valley of the Sun - also known as - Phoenix, AZ!

If you live in the Phoenix area, then please let me know! I'm starting yet another bucket list of things to do. That post will definitely come later! But maybe someone can tell me all of the places to eat at and see. Can't wait to explore this are all over again!

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