Pumpkin Patchin'

October 25, 2015

This was Delilah's second trip to the pumpkin patch. Her first time was with her great grandparents, but wasn't too much of a pumpkin patch and more of a place to just buy pumpkins. Anywho, this time, she ventured with me, my husband, and her grandpa! 

At first, like most things, she's very standoffish. Took her a little bit to get used to all the animals, pumpkins, and mostly just her surroundings in general. But after a short little walk with daddy and petting some horses, she definitely warmed up! She frolicked the field to find pumpkins. She waved 'bye bye' to kids in the train going by. She was even up for chasing a chicken or two. We ended up choosing one medium pumpkin to carve and then we let her choose her own little adorable pumpkin that we could later decorate together. We had a hard time finding some in the field, and we almost gave up, until we saw that all the little pumpkins were on a stand together. So we let her walk around and choose what she wanted, what she liked, and what she could carry on her own. She was so proud of herself! Being able to choose her own pumpkin like that, she's one big girl!

Sadly, poor old mom forgot to charge up the camera so, not many photos to look back on. (thank goodness for smartphones right?) But I think that's okay, because it's the memory that counts and how much fun you had! Can't wait to spend as many holidays with you as possible!

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