The End of Summer

October 7, 2015

Life has finally slowed down. And we are officially living it to its fullest. Summer was not very good to us. Horrible, even. But I will not be one to complain about the past. It's the past for a reason, right? And now, Fall has begun. Phoenix weather is starting to cool off (just kidding, we're still in the high 90s) and things have settled in around us. We have a long list of things to do for the new season and we cannot wait to do them!

Also, if you haven't noticed, there's a name change and kind of a new look (for now)! After turning a new leaf in my life, I had decided that it was time to change my blog into something more personal and different. So far, so good. A few more little things will change, but whose gonna notice, right?!

Anywho, so many things that have been going on as of lately, Joshua is loving being a stay at home dad. The bond between him and our little is better than it has ever been! Though, I do miss being home with her 24/7, I do love working and being able to contribute to our family. But it's very nice to come home to my loving family. Now that it's kind of not so hot, we've been exploring a lot more. And Delilah will not go anywhere without her "baby" (pictured above. Delilah is her protector. Nothing gets done without that little doll being around. We have also gotten into the potty training stage (finally). She's gotten to the point when she lets us know when it's time to go and we rush to the bathroom! No pee pee or poo poo in the toilet yet, but she'll do it one day and we're all giddy just waiting for it.

Summer was a hard couple of months and I'm glad we're now onto fall. We are so blessed and truly  appreciate every moment just a little bit more. We're excited to see where life will take us the next couple of months.

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