Three of Fifty-Two

December 17, 2015

You turn 2 in two months. How is that possible? I swear, you were just born yesterday. You were a few ounces shy of 8lbs and you were just so tiny. So tiny, your father could hold you with one hand. Now, you walk, run, jump - no pounce - everywhere you go. You say hello to friendly strangers and bye bye as they walk by. You dance and sing a long to every song you hear. And plug your ears up with your fingers when its something you don't like. You laugh and love so hard. You are so sweet to everyone and everything. You've become obsessed with the moon and the stars. Looking at them every night on the way home. Exclaiming how beautiful they are every night. 

You are wonderfully something else, you. And I love that about you.

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