A Letter To My Four Year Old

February 15, 2018

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It's been a crazy four years with you. My my, how you've grown into the most beautiful little lady. You are smart, sassy, and the funniest human being ever. You are so kind and loving with such a huge heart. Never ever did I expect you to turn out the way that you are. But I'm enjoying every minute of being able to watch you grow!

This year, we went to the zoo to celebrate. We saw all of your favorite animals - even the ones that scare you. And then on top of that, we ended up being able to feed your most favorite animal of ALL TIME, a giraffe! You were a little skeptical at first but you had the biggest smile on your face. You were so excited and laughed at how long its tongue was. Definitely a time to remember. 

Daddy wasn't able to be with us this year but he was definitely with us in spirit. And was so glad that you enjoyed your special day of turning four.  

We are so very proud to call you our daughter! And your little brother is so glad to call you his big sister. You are an amazing little girl and you'll one day soon be an amazing woman.

We love you, sweetheart.

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